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Landscaping Mulch Delivery ConnecticutR&R Landscape supplies and delivers mulch in all quantities throughout Central Connecticut, including Ellington CT, East Hartford CT, Tolland CT, Glastonbury CT, Marlborough CT, Mansfield CT, and Willington CT.

Mulch is one of the most popular landscaping supplies because of its beauty and utility. R&R Landscaping has access to a wide selection of mulch for residential and commercial landscaping. Whether you prefer

Natural Pine, Natural Cedar, Natural Hemlock, Color Enhanced Red, Black & Gold, Playground Mulch, we can deliver it. Our fleet of 3 different sized dump trucks make deliveries of small, medium and large mulch orders throughout Central Connecticut to homes and businesses

What is mulch?

Mulch is a protective cover that is used in flowerbeds and gardens. There are many different types of mulch made from both natural and synthetic materials. The most common types of mulch are made of wood chips.

Why is mulch used in landscaping?

The attractive aesthetic created by contrasting plants against mulch is only one of many reasons why mulch is used in landscaping. Mulch also has many practical purposes in a flowerbed:

  • Repelling insects
  • Adding nutrients back into the soil as it breaks down
  • Reducing the growth of weeds by blocking sunlight to them
  • Moderating the temperature of the soil by protecting it from the harsh heat of the summer and the bitter cold of the winter so that plants can survive Connecticut’s temperature swings
  • Cutting down on irrigation costs by preserving moisture
  • Improving plant development by reflecting sunlight back to the plants
  • Controlling erosion and sediment

When should mulch be applied?

The beginning of spring, also called the growing season, is when it is best to replenish the mulch in your flowerbeds. If you are planting new flowers, a fresh layer of mulch will help seedlings to grow faster by warming the soil. While mulch is usually spread by hand in a flower bed it can be laid down by a standalone plastic mulch layer or tractor-draw.

What type of mulch you choose to use is up to you. Mulch is available in natural earth tones and contrasting colors like red and black. While wood based mulches are the most common rubber bark is becoming more popular because it is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly option that is ideal for parks and commercial properties.

Central Connecticut Mulch Supplier

Mulch Supplier & Delivery Services in CT

We at R&R Landscaping want to help you find the right mulch for your property. If you’re located in Central Connecticut, contact us to find the mulch you want and get a free estimate. Our knowledgeable and experience staff will be happy to answer any of your questions because our goal is to meet your needs. We can also help you with other landscaping needs from trimming trees and cutting grass to remove tanks and delivering other landscaping supplies. Our family owned business’ commitment to serving our customer is what has made us one of the leading suppliers of landscaping materials in our area. No matter how small or large your order is, we will bring it directly to you.