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Topsoil & Landscaping Materials | Central CT Topsoil Deliveries

Landscape Material Deliveries in Central CTR&R Landscaping in Ellington CT offers high quality top soil and landscaping materials with full delivery service to homeowners in towns like Hartford CT, Manchester CT, Tolland CT, Glastonbury CT, South Windsor CT, Vernon CT, Coventry CT, and the surrounding communities.

Good topsoil and high-quality landscaping materials are essential for a beautiful landscape and flourishing garden. Our team at R&R Landscaping are here to supply you with the best topsoil and right materials to enhance and improve your landscaping. We will deliver your order directly to your home or business.

For over 20 years, R&R Landscaping has been the trusted supplier of topsoil and landscaping materials for local residents and business owners in Central Connecticut. We have access to every type of landscaping material so that we can provide you with exactly what you need. Since we also specialize in lawn care and landscaping maintenance, we can lend you advice on the best materials to choose for a healthy lawn, thriving garden, or welcoming business exterior. Our fleet of dump trucks makes deliveries of every size—large and small—throughout Central Connecticut from Ellington and Hartford to Stafford and Marlborough.

Here are just a few of the materials that we sell and deliver:

Landscaping Gravel Delivery in CT


Nutrient rich screened topsoil provides a good foundation for plant growth and is excellent for smoothing out an uneven lawn.


Mulch is a low-maintenance landscaping material that does more than enhance the aesthetic quality of your plant bed. Mulch adds nutrients back into the soil as it breaks down and prevents water from quickly evaporating. It also keeps soil cool during the hot summer months and insulates roots from the harsh cold of Connecticut’s winter.


Sand is a versatile landscaping material that can be used for laying pavers, improving soil quality, or creating a sandbox for children to play in. What type of sand you should choose depends on the project you have in mind.


Gravel is almost as versatile as sand. These decorative small rocks can be used to fill a flowerbed, create a bed for piping, or provide a base for paver installation. Along with adding personality to your landscaping, gravel can reduce your water usage which makes it ideal for many business owners.

Landscaping Stone

Topsoil supplier in Central CT

There are many different kinds of landscaping stones: pavers, step stones, retaining wall bricks, etc. You can use landscaping stones to create a patio, a walking path or an attractive wall for a flowerbed depending on the type you choose.

We can provide you with all of these materials and more.

Whether you are planning to reseed your lawn, create a welcoming landscaping for your customers, or design an outdoor living space, we can find the materials you need and deliver them to you. Our knowledgeable owner Roger and the rest of our team are always happy to share our insights and expertise or answer your questions. If you are considering a landscaping project, contact us by email or call us at 860-870-8518 today to get a free estimate! We look forward to hearing from you and showing you why we are the preferred landscape supplier in our area.