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Cleaning oil from soil in CTServing Hartford County, Middlesex County, New Haven County & Tolland County, R&R Landscaping and Tank Removal offers reliable, fast, and affordable removal services for underground or above ground storage and oil tanks.

Remediation is the process of stopping and reversing environmental damage. When an underground or above ground storage tank has leaked, the process of remediation involves addressing pollution on the surface and underground along with restoring the visual appearance of your property.

Petroleum products such as oil and gas contain contaminates that kill plants, pollute soil and make groundwater unsafe and unpleasant to drink. Along with long-term health risks that can result from this pollution, these leaking chemicals and gases can also cause fires and explosions. This is why the process of remediation is so important to ensure the safety of everyone who lives and works near a leaking storage tank.

Leaking Storage Tanks – Removal & Remediation Services

What does the process of remediation involve?

Oil Tank ConnecticutThere are several successful methods of remediation and each one looks a little different. The best method is typically determined by the unique characteristics of the site (such as the type of soil, proximity to groundwater, etc.) and the extent of the contamination. Before the remediation process begins, a professional cleanup contractor will visit your property and have tests performed in order to create a site assessment or site characterization that will outline the best cleanup method for your property. Local authorities and Connecticut’s Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) may also play a role in determining the specific method of cleanup.

What is the cost of remediation?

The cost of remediation varies considerably depending on how far the fuel or other contaminates have spread and whether or not groundwater or surface bodies of water have been contaminated. The cost of cleaning up contaminated drinking water resources, such as an underground well, is considerable. It can take a long time for the adverse effects to be reversed. Cleaning up contamination that has only impacted the surrounding soil is considerably less expensive. The earlier a leak is caught, the more likely it is that the cost will be minimal.

The precise and heavily regulated process of remediation requires the expertise of a licensed professional who has a thorough knowledge of the safety procedures, best practices and regulations that must be followed.

When you hire a licensed and experienced cleanup contractor like R&R, you can count on us to:

  • CT Oil Tank Leak RemediationObtain Certified Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) soil testing by an independent state certified laboratory beforehand to determine if remediation is necessary
  • Remove all contaminated soil and dispose of it according to EPA standards if contamination is discovered
  • Take care of all of necessary paperwork for DEEP and local authorities
  • Re-test the soil to confirm all contamination has been removed before beginning the backfilling process
  • Backfill the excavation site, apply new topsoil and lay down sod or seed according to your preference
  • Prepare a certified closure letter that details the entire procedure to show potential buyers, lenders, or insurance agencies

Choose R&R for Tank Removal in Connecticut

R&R Landscaping & Tank Removal is a locally owned business based in Ellington, Connecticut. Our owner Rodger and his crew have more than 20 years of experience remediating soil and removing storage tanks. As members of this community, we are invested in ensuring its safety. You can count on us to thoroughly clean up the contaminations polluting your property and restore its health. We will put our landscaping expertise to good use for you so that your property looks better than ever when we are done. To learn more, contact us today or check out our Tank Removal and Installation page.