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Central CT Process Gravel Delivery Hartford CountyR&R Landscaping offers a great selection of sand & gravel for your home improvement projects. We deliver to homes in Coventry CT, Ellington CT, Mansfield CT, Stafford CT, Marlborough CT, East Hampton CT and the surrounding towns & communities.

Sand and gravel are versatile materials that can play a pivotal role in a variety of landscaping projects from improving soil quality or drainage to providing the foundation for a path or retaining wall. R&R Landscaping has access to every type of sand and gravel for your landscaping needs: fill sand, pea gravel, pool sand, processed gravel, and much more. Our knowledgeable crew is happy to share their expertise with you so that you can easily choose the right sand or gravel from the wide variety available. Whether you need supplies for a residential or commercial project in Central Connecticut, our fleet of dump trucks will deliver your order directly to you no matter the size.

How are sand and gravel used in landscaping?

Sand & Gravel Delivery Services CTSand can be used in landscaping to level a lawn, improve soil quality, provide a foundation for laying pavers or a pool, build a golf course, or filter the water of a pool. It is also used for mixing concrete. The appearance and coarseness of sand varies depending on the type. Speaking to a landscaping professional is one of the quickest ways to learn which type will best meet your needs.

Gravel is both a functional and aesthetic landscaping material that can be used as a substitute for mulch, a cost effective driveway or path, a base for retaining walls and pavers, a bed for pipes and drainage, and as concrete subgrade. Gravel can also be used underneath golf courses, in dog parks or for dog runs.

What is fill sand?

As the name implies, fill sand is ideal for filling in holes in a lawn and for backfills. It is made up of unwashed sand and small pebbles. It is popular for playgrounds and as padding underneath concrete.

What is pool sand?

Pool sand or pool clay is a fine sand that is an ideal base for above ground swimming pools. It is also excellent for horseshoe pits.

What is pea gravel?

Pea gravel is a popular type of decorative stone or garden gravel that is made up of pea-sized pebbles. It is popular for driveways, paths, and playgrounds. It can also be used as drainage rock around your property or as a substitute for mulch in flowerbeds. There are many other types of decorative rock to choose from if pea gravel doesn’t appeal to you.

What is processed gravel?

Processed Landscaping Gravel in CTProcessed gravel consists of a blend of sand, stone and other fine particles. Mined stone & sand goes through a process in which the products are crushed and filtered through a sieve. It is a cost-effective choice for walkways and driveways. This coarse mixture of sand and stone is also a critical material for building retaining walls or laying pavers.

If you are in need of sand or gravel for a landscaping project, contact us at R&R Landscaping! We work with businesses and residents throughout Central Connecticut. Our commitment to providing the best possible service is what has made our family owned and operated company a leading supplier of landscaping materials in the area. With 20 years of experience we can lend you advice about what materials to choose and accurately estimate the amount needed for your specific project. Contact us today to get a free estimate!